Lever Logistics helps you manage your inventory in the most efficient way possible with our powerful online platform. Trusting your cargo with a freight company is so much easier when you have an online tool that’s reliable, secure, and easy to access. When you have total logistic visibility and control, you can stay on schedule and within budget with ease.

Everything you’ll find on our online portal is accurate and up-to-date. It’s how we continuously communicate with our clients in a way that makes sense for their schedules. With e-services, you are more likely to meet all your price, schedule, and volume expectations.


Maintain maximum visibility for all your shipments with reports from Lever Logistics. You’ll have access to all your global forwarding reports 24/7 thanks to our secure, easy-to-access platform.

Lever gives you options. We know that not every company wants the same kind of information, which is why you can generate a variety of reports on our platform. You can also create customized reports for your shipments. Ultimately, this saves you time, helps your business run more efficiently, and gives you peace of mind.